Use cases for craftsmen with the AhoyCommunicator

AhoyCommunicator for customer support

Many crafts enterprises are called by customers and cannot estimate the real situation on site. Often a employee has to check the situation on site to decide who and how the rapair could be done. With the help of the AhoyCommunicator on the companies website the service for repair contract could significantly be improved.

A practical example:

A Customer call a crafts enterprise (with own website incl. AhoyCommunicator) and reports a malfunction with his heating. The service employee on the phone asks the customer to activate the AhoyCommunicator on the website and to show the display with the camera. The communication could also be recorded and forwarded to the responsible technician.

In a lot of cases the service employee can estimate the malfunction and tell the technician what he will expect. The company improves its customer service and saves precious time.

The AhoyCommunicator for internal communication in crafts enterprises

Many problems on a construction area cannot be solved directly by the craftsman. Sometimes missing know-how or ideas are the problem. If the craftsman in site could use the AhoyCommunicator with his mobile device he can capture the situation and share it with his colleagues. An employee in the company can give him guidance and assist him solving the problem.

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