Customer service

Technical customer and repair service is improved with the AhoyCommunicator.

Many incoming calls in a company (for repair or service) could not be routed to the concerning destination because the customer has often no technical know-how and does not know the technical terms. With the use of the AhoyCommunicator audio can be complemented with video by using a webcam.

Example of use: Service technician

Many companies receive calls which the customer support can not handle via phone; an employee often has to be on site to decide who and how the problem could be solved.

Practical this is how the AhoyCommunicator would handle this case:

A big event is coming up and the cooling system fails. For a restaurateur a drama. With the AhoyCommunicator and a mobile device the service technician can guide the customer to find the problem and he can repair the mistake instantly.

Big advantage for the customer: less or no waiting period and no call out fees.

Advantage for the technician and the company:

Matching replacement parts can be brought to the customer. The company will be perceived modern with a better service feature.

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