• On how many sites can I include the contact box

    Benefit from the possibility of getting in touch with your visitors on all pages of your website. Without additional costs.

  • The agents are my employees

    Yes, use the AhoyCommunicator with your existing service and sales staff. The software can be intuitionally used within 5 minutes.

  • Will there be additional costs

    No, you select the number of agents that should use the AhoyCommunicator simultaneously. Everything else is included.

  • Is there any account limitation

    No, you can register as many accounts as you need. Only the number of agents being online at the same time is limited by the license.

  • Can I customize the contact box

    Yes, you can customize the contact box to meet your individual requirements. Choose the colors, texts and the position of the contact box.

  • How will the communication with audio and video work

    The technology we use is called WebRTC and currently works on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera only. This means all end devices using these browsers and having a camera or microphone connected can communicate with audio or video. iPhone, iPad and Mac users can use the chat functionality.

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