AhoyCommunicator 2

Preview of the development of the AhoyCommunicators

With the first Version of the AhoyCommunicator we have gathered many experiences which will influence teh development of the new AhoyCommunicator.

Zwar befindet sich der AhoyCommunicator noch in der Entwicklung, wir wollen hier aber schonmal einen kleinen Einblick in die neuen Funktionen geben.

If a customer needs support the request will be allocated to a free agent. If no agent is available the request will be appended to the waiting loop and the customer gets information about his status.

Companies are growing fast have different divisions. This is reflected on the companies Website. With queues you can assign specialized agents to different queues. Therefore the agent can be prepared better for the requests

If a queue has no more available agents free but agents from other queues are not busy, these agents cann also be part of that queue but with a lower skill level. The request can be handled by the agent even if he only opens a ticket and forward it to other agents.

Are you interessted in the new AhoyCommunicator and do you want to get more information about it? Feel free to contact us, we will gladly show you a live presentation. ==> www.ahoycommunicator.com/kontakt.php

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