Online shops

Many products and processes in online shops are in need of explanation and most of the potential customers do not want to bring up the energy to seach for explanations for the product.

The interested person browses the shop and have questions to different products but only a fraction of the potential customer asks questions via the contact form, e-mail or phone. The barrier is felt as too high. The customer preferres the way of less resistance, cancels the buying process and browses the competitors web page who solved the problem in a better way.

Shop-owner often know which sites procedures lead to breakup but they have no solution. Many invest a lot of time and energy in testings and can reduce the breakup rate step by step.

Increasing the conversionrate with the AhoyCommunicator

With the AhoyCommunicator online shops are able to contact their webiste visitors directly and barrier-free. The contact box will be integrated in the shop will pop up after a defined time.

The webste visitor will be animated to ask a question by using the chat. After the dialogue has been established or if the question is too complex the conversation could be continued with audio or video.

The customer does not need to download any software or has to be registered. The communication happens directly via the browser (Chrome, Firefox or Opera)

Increase the quality for customer service


A lot of inquiries in a online shop are related to service and refer to installation and functionality of products, reparation and so on. With the integration of the AhoyCommunicator into the web shop the customer kann ask this questions directly via the website. Especially with the help of the camera problems can be shown and do not have to be described in detail.

With the integration of the AhoyCommunicator the web shop is spotted as service oriented.

Easy installation within five minutes

After registering you will get a one line code which has to be embedded into your HTML code. This can be done by your administrator.

Test the AhoyCommunicator 90 days for free and increase your earnings and turnovers. For additional information use our own contact box.

Livekontaktsoftware zur Steigerung Ihrer Umsätze und Gewinne. Jetzt 90 Tage kostenlos testen.