ahoy! technology

AhoyCommunicator: technology background and funktionality

The integration of the AhoyCommunicator into a website or online shop is done with one line of code which has to be included into your HTML code.

The audio and video stream can be transferred from browser to browser without the need of a streaming server. Audio and video stream will be transferred encrypted. The signaling happens on a server located in Germany.

The registration of an account or the need of a password is not required. The visitor does not have to enter any personal data. The visitor only has to allow browser access to his camera and microphone.

The browser:

  1. Google Chrome (also available for Android devices)
  2. Opera (also available for Android devices)
  3. and Mozilla Firefox (also available for Android devices)

already have WebRTC integrated. The user will not need a plugin or addon. In practice the visitor can contact the agent without any barriers via the contact box.

The AhoyCommunicator is not restricted to any operating system.


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